Once upon a time…

…this was a blog about creative play. When I started it, I was an educator and parent and sometime writer who was looking to find ways to reconnect with creative joy.

If you go way back in the archives (which I don’t really recommend), you’ll find lots of posts about writing and various crafty endeavors.

And then my life kind of fell apart and it was more about surviving and growing through adversity and that kind of thing.

In the middle of that, 2016 happened, and…well. Between the personal and political implosions, I lost my bearings (among other things) and the blog became pretty random and sporadic.

It most likely will remain so at times because this, my friends, is an old-school blog. No sponsored posts, no partnerships, no revenue streams. The page views are as low as my writing ambitions.

It has always been, and will likely continue to be, just a notebook: a place to collect bits and bobs of memory, thought, and feeling. It’s a place to shine light into the tunnel of life, where I always appreciate the company of like-minded souls.

If that’s you, welcome.