Once upon a time…

…this was a blog about creative play.

I decided to stop being so damn serious all the time and make things–just things, not Art–for the fun of it. I decided to leave this woman behind:


At a poetry reading in 2009.

I was going to learn how to have fun, dammit.

I was going to make collages and draw and embroider and write light-hearted things and grow vegetables and finally learn to cook. (yeah, no link for that last one.) I was going to become someone who not only could LOL, but would LOL. Because I was going to lighten the fuck up and find inner peace and just, for once, finally be content, and I was going to get there by walking the path of hands-on creative play.

And then my family and big chunks of my life went to hell.

I got depressed. I tried to hang onto creative play. I tried real hard. I cut myself slack. I took the philosophical view. But then my daughter left for college and a space opened that I realized arts and crafts wasn’t going to fill.


And then we entered what feels like the apocalypse, and so many of the things I used to write about feel so damn irrelevant.

Like many people, I fear we have entered a dark and difficult time. I’m not sure what a whole lot of things are really about any more, including this blog. It’s really just what it says in the title–a notebook. A place to collect bits and bobs of thoughts. A light I sometimes shine in my own little tunnel, where I always appreciate the company of like-minded souls.




2 thoughts on “Once upon a time…

  1. Rita says:

    Thank you, Shannon! I’m sorta back. Been a bit AWOL for the past few weeks. Maybe you can relate? 🙂

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