Oh, hey there. It’s me again…

When I went on hiatus (March 14), I mentioned some projects I needed to focus on this spring.

Project #1:

I got married.

We still aren’t quite living in the same house all the time, but we’ve made good progress toward that. We should get there by the fall–which is when we need to, because of…

Project #2:

I retired from education.

It’s been a good, long run (31.5 years). (This newspaper article is from the mid-90’s. That’s a typical class size now.) It doesn’t feel at all the way I thought it would. There’s so much to say about both projects, I can’t really say anything. Not yet, anyway.

I’m open to doing other work, and the universe keeps putting job openings in my path that are enticing, but I haven’t applied for any. I’m making myself take a real break from employment first. I got my first job at 15, and other than the first few weeks of my freshman year of college, I’ve never been without one since. Even when I was on bedrest with my twins, I still did freelance editing gigs.

It all feels weird and uncomfortable and sad and strange and exciting. Sort of like being a teen-ager, but with a whole lot more insight and knowledge–about time, love, and myself.

I think I’m ready to start writing here again. Words have been knocking at the door of my head for a little while now, and I think there’s enough space cleared that I can begin to let them in.

At the end of my last post, I left you with an image of my so-late-to-bud vine I almost feared it was dead:

Here’s how it looked just a week ago:

Everything blooms when it’s meant to, given the right conditions.

14 thoughts on “Oh, hey there. It’s me again…

  1. TD says:

    You look radiantly glowing, Rita! And your husband looks smitten with you!

    I gathered that you got married from your comments on a blog that we both have been reading.

    And though there may be feelings of sadness leaving your beloved lifelong work, I think it’s a very good decision and right timing for you and yours new future together.

    Radiant, I must say is a great look on you!! Well wishes on both to bloom.

    • Rita says:

      Thank you so much. It has been a season full of all kinds of feelings, for sure. And while there has been some sadness, it feels good to feel sure of taking the right paths.

  2. Erin says:

    Oh, Rita! Congratulations to you both! You look happy. Best wishes! Your career change is a bit of a surprise, as you are so passionate, but I could see where it would feel freeing and scary all at once. It would be good to have the chance to try new things and follow your passions. Enjoy your well-deserved rest! Take care, Erin

    • Rita says:

      Thank you, Erin. “freeing and scary all at once” is a very apt description of how the past few weeks, especially, have felt. It’s so nice to hear from you. πŸ™‚

    • Rita says:

      Yeah, I’m kinda proud of me. It was either Kate or Kari who wrote something awhile back about wanting to stop waiting for other people to do things that would make them happy. It resonated, and I started thinking about where I had control and how I might exercise it…and this is how that all ended up. (Or, why blogging matters.)

  3. Jennifer says:

    Congratulations to you and Cane on your marriage! I got me a Louisiana boy too! Best wishes on your retirement and whatever path you choose next. So lovely to see such happiness in your post. You were due some.

    • Rita says:

      Thank you! We visited his family in Louisiana at the end of May, and we had such a nice time. Warm, loving family and amazing food! I am enjoying the happiness, which feels sweeter for the hardship that preceded it.

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