Things I didn’t know I loved until I couldn’t do them

Going to the grocery store

Watering the window box flowers

Putting one leg into my shorts while standing upright on the other

Sitting up in the car

Cooking dinner

Driving myself anywhere I want to go

Standing and looking out the kitchen window at the neighbor boys playing in the street

Taking a shower

Gulping a cold drink on a hot day

For four days, I couldn’t do much of anything without acute pain. I spent most of my hours in bed, flat on my back, longing for my ordinary, everyday life. All I wanted was to throw a load of clothes in the washing machine, run to the store to pick up food for dinner, water my flowers, wipe down the kitchen cabinets. I craved these things, the ways I have of keeping order, making beauty, caring for myself and others.

What a gift, to see how much there is to love about simply existing in our bruised, broken, shattering world.

6 thoughts on “Things I didn’t know I loved until I couldn’t do them

  1. Kate says:

    What a good reminder for me as whirling dervish grumbling and cleaning. I hope you’re able to be up and doing the things you didn’t know you loved soon!

    • Rita says:

      Oh, I’m sure I’ll be in that whirling dervish grumbling state again before I know it. I got to cook dinner last night, and it was great.

  2. Ally Bean says:

    I like your list albeit I don’t like the reason you made it. I’ve been sidelined a few times in my life, unable to do the ordinary, and when I could again, well– I don’t take it for granted. Hoping this late comment finds you on the mend.

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