No words Wednesday

I got no words this Wednesday because I spent all of Tuesday night working on some words to share Saturday. Which is really because I got all puffed up/jacked up on the idea of broadcasting my Voice last January, which is when it seemed like a really good idea to sign up for this:


Now, from the vantage point of February, that’s not seeming like such a great idea. Especially because the piece I want to audition with is about twice as long to read as the time limit. Which I didn’t realize until tonight because:  procrastination (foil of perfectionists and those who are scared crapless).

I’ll let you know how it goes. I might be scared (and unprepared), but I’m not chicken.

13 thoughts on “No words Wednesday

    • Rita says:

      I have not been to a show, but I’ve enjoyed watching video clips. You can find some of those on their site. Or search YouTube. Thank you for the good wishes!

  1. Hillary Hyde says:

    Good Luck! I am soon getting tickets for this. Why have I not known about tit before this point? I hope i get to see you up on stage –

  2. Stephenie says:

    OH my gosh. You ARE brave. How did this go?? It sounds utterly terrifying and soooooo outside the box that it is fabulous. It makes my knees knock just to think of speaking to a crowd. Don’t you just love when you blithely sign yourself up for something months in advance thinking “oh, awesome!” and then when it creeps up on you then the story changes to “Holy CRAP, what was I thinking??” Courageous woman. 🙂
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    • Rita says:

      Didn’t respond earlier because we were asked to keep it off social media, but: I made it! It is both terrifying and fabulous. You nailed it. 🙂

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